Why "Sparrow" Ministries?

For the first couple of weeks after we put up our new backyard bird feeders, sparrows seemed to be the only birds that found it. We wanted to see the pretty, colorful birds -- cardinals, woodpeckers, orioles, yellow and green finches -- but all we were getting were sparrows. And even though birds of different color and size have finally found our feeders, sparrows are still the most frequent and most numerous visitors.


And that got us thinking...

God seems to have a special place in His heart for sparrows, and for each one of us. In the Old Testament we read: “Even the sparrow finds a home, and the swallow builds her nest and raises her young at a place near your altar, O Lord Almighty.” (Psalm 84:3)

In the New Testament, Jesus picks up this theme: “You can buy two sparrows for only a copper coin, yet not one sparrow falls from its nest without the Father being aware of it.” (Matthew 10:29), and then goes on to add: “and you are worth more to God than an entire flock of sparrows.” (vs. 31)

God is aware and takes notice of every sparrow, and He cares even more about each of us. Every person matters to God. And every marriage matters to God.

Our Vision

“… from this day forward until death us do part.” 

Most couples end their vows on their wedding day with this phrase or a variation of it, and they mean it, desire it with all their heart, and want it to be true and to remain true. We did. You did or will. Everyone who gets married does. But we know, or quickly learn, that marriage is an adventure story, filled with chapters of self-discovery, joyful surprises, and unexpected obstacles. The adventure of marriage is both thrilling and challenging, and sometimes the challenges can be daunting, even overwhelming. 

This is where we can enter your story. Our vision is to help you understand the adventure ahead of you right from the start, and help you navigate -- with grace, kindness and hope -- through the challenges that will be part of your adventure story. Because we’ve been on our own white-water ride for 38 years, we are willing and able to be a coach for you through yours.

Frederick Buechner, in his book Wishful Thinking, states: “The place God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” Sparrow Ministries is that intersection for us.

Your marriage matters to God, to us, and to you. 

You can have a thriving marriage! We can help.

Our Mission

Helping couples begin well, stay healthy, and thrive through the unfolding adventure of their marriage. Offering Premarital workshops, marriage counseling, and more in the greater Baltimore, Hunt Valley, and DC regions.

What Makes Sparrow Unique

We believe God’s original intent and design for marriage is a mutually-submissive partnership of husband-and-wife equals, without hierarchy. 

For couples who attend a weekend workshop or conference, we offer the opportunity for follow-up coaching, either privately or in a small group setting.

The teaching at our workshops and our coaching is couple-to-couple, with every Sparrow Coach sharing authentically and vulnerably from what they have discovered over their years of marriage. 

We believe that most surface problems have deeper roots, so we offer hope-filled support, practical tools, and customized growth plans to help couples get to the heart of the matter, not just deal with the presenting issues.