What is "Dating In"?

We, like you, are at home experiencing a lot of togetherness these days. But a marriage experiencing “imposed” togetherness isn’t always easy or comfortable, so every couple in quarantine has a choice to make. While we can’t control or change what is, we do have a say in how we respond to what is.

So we’ve asked ourselves: How can we make the most of this situation? How can we make sure that when this forced togetherness ends, we can look back on it as a good thing … a helpful thing … and that our marriage will be stronger when it’s over?

Here’s an idea we landed on: a (free!) weekly virtual conversation we’re calling Dating In.

Every Friday night at 8:30, we’ll host a weekly Zoom call in which we talk about the joys and stresses of “forced togetherness”, share some thoughts to encourage your marriage, and we can all share some of the creative ways we’re finding to make sure the joys win the day.

Zoom Meeting Info:

ID:  564 688 5286 

Password:  410967